Poorna Edit from Rāgamālika Collection


    As a part of Rāgamālika Collection's Poorna edit, we bring you an exclusive range of full length sarees in pure silk by cotton from the looms of Mangalagiri. These are six and half yards of sheer elegance, bedecked with lush nizam zari borders, gold checks and more. 

    A saree is a consummate garment that can be worn with much versatility. However, we discovered what a great partner in “chime” the Mangalagiri silk fabric can while dancing on stage! 

    With loosely woven cotton and silk yarn, these are light, breathable, easy maintenance and highly sustainable! Drape them in any classic style by day and in dhoti style by night! Suitable for both women and men, this is a must try garment for dancers and otherwise!

    9 products

    9 products