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Silk Cotton Practice Sarees


    Explore an exciting range of luxurious dance sarees for your performance and practice needs! These are light weight and breathable fabrics with the lustre of silk that make them a hit, both on stage and on camera.

    These sarees are designed specially for dancers, keeping your dynamic changing needs in mind! Be it a lecture demonstration, an exotic portfolio shoot, an online performance or a stage show, these sarees will not disappoint!

    They are also highly sustainable choices as you can wash these after every sweating session and they only get softer with age; unlike stitched costumes that need to be dry washed, sun dried, ironed at the risk of losing pleats, only to give you a maximum of 10 wears after which you get tempted to cut up another of your mom's old saree! Yes, we know all about that! 

    2 products

    2 products