About the Collection

  • For Dancers - Our handloom sarees in Mangalagiri cotton silk are exclusively made for Indian classical dancers, to accomodate dynamic movement and stances like araimandi, chowka, etc. 
  • Light weight - We understand your dance sarees need to be light so you can be light on your feet!
  • Breathable - You’re already doing a lot holding that core. Your saree shouldn’t make you hold your breath too!
  • Washable - We know how much sweat and blood dance demands. The least we could do is offer you the option to wash it off!
  • Ages well - You only get better with practice! Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were true for your saree too?
  • Hand-woven - Dancers and weavers are more similar than you think. It takes one artist to recognize the toils of another!
  • Social impact - While handloom traditions are quickly disappearing, Tarikita sources these garments directly from the weaver communities of Mangalagiri thus positively impacting their livelihoods.
  • Slow fashion - Every time you dance in this saree, you are wearing 2 days worth of someone’s art on you! Amazing, right?