Hasta Mudra Flash Cards
Hasta Mudra Flash Cards
Hasta Mudra Flash Cards
Hasta Mudra Flash Cards

Hasta Mudra Flash Cards

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Story telling in dance has its own vocabulary which uses hand gestures called hastahs. Dancers learn & use these hastahs for communicating ideas and in helping express emotions through their dance.

These set of flash cards in each box come with attractive illustrations of hand gestures & its name and pronunciation on the flipside - A great way to introduce anyone to hastahs in Bharatanatyam

Creative endeavour of Pranitha Kamat Ebert, Ph.D to engage various age groups through activity based tools, a novel approach to learning dance gestures. 
Each box contains flash cards that take you through single as well as double handed gestures too.

There is so much scope for experimenting with them - transform learning hastahs into a game or an interactive fun activity.
** use the space on each card & customize your set with your own creative ideas and thoughts **

Size : 11cm x 11cm

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